Friday, July 28, 2006

Vida Guerra Playboy

By Pat Sisson

Boasting a backside so perfect it makes J. Lo look like just another Jenny from the block, Latin stunner Vida Guerra defines the term curvaceous. The Cuban-born beauty gained the attention of males everywhere after a chance photo submission snowballed into numerous appearances in high-profile hip-hop videos, a spot on Chappelle's Show and instant Internet celebrity. Rumored to be the most searched-for model on the web, she's about to take over another screen in a series of upcoming movie roles. caught up with the voluptuous Vida and found out about her sexual fantasies and why the woman with the most famous bottom likes being on top.

1. Do you ever get tired of people staring at your backside, mentioning it and making comments?

Vida Guerra: No. People compliment me on other things, too. It's funny. The people who have disrespected me are girls who have tried to grab my butt. Maybe they want to feel it to test it? Maybe they like women?

2. You're starring in an upcoming movie called Rhythm of the Night playing the part of a dancer. Does a guy have to have the right moves on the floor to get a chance to show his moves in the bedroom?

Guerra: Well, you know what they say, if you can dance on the dance floor, you can move on the bed. I personally have moves that most guys have never seen.

3. What's your favorite part of the male body?

Guerra: I like the area around the abs, the lower part. It's the pelvic muscle. There is some hot stuff in that region.

4. What's your favorite sex act?

Guerra: Being on top. I like having control. And sex is especially good after a massage. That always gets me in the mood.

5. Are you a big fan of talking dirty?

Guerra: Yeah, things need to be exciting. I do plenty of dirty talking, but I'm a little shy. Guys need to start it off.
vida guerra playboy